Meditation Programmes, Courses & Retreats in the Greater Bir Area

Bir is becoming an increasingly popular destination for meditation programmes, courses and retreats. Meditators and yogis of all stripes come from across India and around the world to participate in the many meditation courses offered in Bir or to do personal retreats in this tranquil and beautiful setting.

Ongoing Meditation Groups

The Dharmalaya Institute hosts weekly sitting meditation groups and talks. These group meditation and discussion sessions, which follow the curriculum of the Tergar Meditation Community, are open to everyone regardless of background or experience level. They are free of charge, with donations welcome but not required. (Seasonal: see Dharmalaya’s website for details.)

Periodic Meditation Courses & Retreats

The Deer Park Institute, the Dharmalaya Institute, and Sherab Ling Monastery occasionally host special courses in mediation, yoga, and related disciplines, as well as periodic meditation retreats. See their respective websites for details.

Organising Your Own Meditation Retreat in the Bir Area

If you already have a meditation practice and are simply looking for a peaceful place to do your own short- or long-term retreat, Bir offers a range of options. If you’d prefer to be in the quietest possible setting, consider the Dharmalaya Institute, which has comfortable tents surrounded by forest that are often available for retreats, or the Sikh meditation centre in Ghornala, which caters to silent retreats only. Another option, just west of Bir, is Sherab Ling Monastery, which has both a guest house (noisier) and a dedicated retreat centre (quieter, and generally intended for longer-term retreats). If you’d rather stay in town, consider the Deer Park Institute or one of the guest houses on our accommodations page.


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