Health & Medical Resources in Bir

The Bir Portal is happy to present this collection of resources for health and healing in Bir.

An Ounce of Prevention

First of all, please read our page on ‘Staying Healthy in India‘ for tips on water, food, immunizations, treating intestinal parasites, and other aspects of staying healthy and minimizing chances of getting sick in the first place.

But if you happen to have a condition that might benefit from medical attention (natural and/or allopathic), this page is for you.

Medical Resources: Natural

  • Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Dr. Norbu, in the center of the Tibetan colony, just west of Surya Hotel. Dr. Norbu is highly recommended for many conditions, including back injuries, sprains, depressed immune response, and many others. Treatments include acupuncture, cupping, and moxabustion. Clinic open 10am-1pm Mon-Sat (more or less). Tel: +91 98823.37181.
  • Bhawani Panchkarma Centre: Holistic Ayurvedic treatment centre providing herbal treatments and Ayurvedic massage. Contact Dr. Manan Soni Ayurvedacharya Tel: +91 9459 203257, 94592.03257 Email:
  • Men-Tsee-Khang: Clinic offering consultation and prescriptions for traditional Tibetan herbal medicine. A branch of the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute in Dharamshala. Contact Dr. Pema Yangzom. Tel: +91 (1894) 268-370
  • Shantideva Homeopathic Research Institute (SHRI Clinic): A charitable homeopathic clinic on the main Chowgan Road in the Tibetan Colony. The clinic is open every afternoon for walk-ins and each morning by appointment. Email:

Medical Resources: Allopathic

  • Chemist (pharmacy) in Upper Bir, just above the main Bir Bazaar.
  • Delek Clinic: A branch of the Tibetan Delek Hospital, at the western end of the Tibetan Colony. Practices allopathic medicine and offers general medical care at very low prices, including vaccinations (e.g. Hepatitis B).
  • Government doctor at Chowgan Chowk (the intersection of Bir Road and Chowgan/Colony Road).
  • Medical Clinic in Upper Bir: Offers general medical care, including vaccinations (e.g. rabies, tetanus).
  • Veterinary clinic in Upper Bir.

Hospitals Outside of Bir (listed in order from closest to furthest)

  • Government hospital in Palampur: OK for basic checkups and tests.
  • Tibetan Delek Hospital in Dharamshala: Generally higher quality of care than in Palampur.
  • Pain-Free Tibetan Physio Clinic: Two recommended physiotherapists, Dr. Penchen Sangpo and Dr. Jigme. Near Delek Hospital in Dharamshala. Tel: +91 9857632763, 9882909429
  • Dentist: Dr. Tandon: Recommended dentist in Dharamshala, with modern equipment and well-regarded manner. email: Tel: +91 (1892) 225833 Mobile: +91 8894724090
  • Fortis Kangra: Private hospital in Kangra with reportedly high standard of care. Email: Main telephone: +91 (1892) 260150
  • Several government and private hospitals in Chandigarh, with varying reports of quality of care. (Note: we cannot recommend PGI due to bad experiences.)
  • Recommended private hospital in Delhi: Apollo Hospital, which offers comprehensive checkup services for Indians and foreigners alike, as well as just about any medical test or procedure one may require.

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