Protected Area Permit (PAP) Application Form for Bir Tibetan Colony

For the benefit of foreign (non-Indian) travelers wishing to stay overnight in the Tibetan Colony of Bir, we are posting a copy of the Protected Area Permit (PAP) Application Form that the Government of India requires you to complete and submit to the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in order to receive the PAP, which allows you to stay overnight in the Tibetan Colony.

Please note that the PAP is required only in the case of overnight stays in the Bir Tibetan Colony by foreign citizens. It is not required for day trips to the Colony, nor is it required for visits or overnight stays in Bir proper (Upper Bir) or at the Dharmalaya Institute in Ghornala Village. Also, it is not required for citizens of India, Nepal, or Bhutan.

Download the PAP application.

(Thanks to SanghaSeva!)