The Art & Craft of Writing a Memoir at Deer Park (8-11 Apr 2020)

Deer Park InstituteWhat: Workshop on ‘The Art & Craft of Writing a Memoir’
When: 8-11 April 2020
Where: Deer Park Institute, Bir
Who: Monisha Mukundan

In writing memoir, we get to live our lives twice, complete with the grace of hindsight as well as with the honesty that makes each life compelling and true. This memoir workshop is about diving into the depths, where our own unique story reflects universal truth: “The deeper you go, the more universal you get.” Our stories save the world. When we write a memoir and let the writing lead the way, we enter our lives in ways that deepen our appreciation of our own story, and one another’s stories. We broaden our relationship to the world within and the world without—for ourselves and for the reader. These are sound-byte disposable times. The memoir goes beyond texting, face-booking, emailing and tweeting. It is writing that matters and writing that lasts.

For information and registration, see this page.